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Will the court allow a no visitation plan?

From: DublinMom
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Date: 17 Nov 2005
Time: 12:06:33
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My DH has joint custody of SD8 for the last two years. He is supposed to have visitation every other weekend, half vacations and holidays. This year and especially this summer things started going very downhill, with SD becoming withdrawn from our family, major behavior issues, etc. Then the last weekend she is here before school started again she tells DH she does not want to come down here at all anymore, wants to stay at BMs home, no visits with us. She has not been here since that weekend. We gave her some time to sort it out, while DH tried to call every few days. BM refused the calls, said SD got so upset she wouldn't come out of her room, screaming, crying, whatever. BM refuses to talk to DH about it, will not act as go between with SD, won't do anything (all she is good for really) We know BM and BM's mother and sister (SD lives with them all) bad mouth DH and our family including SD's half siblings (my and DH's kids 3y/o and 9m/o) on a regular basis. We have heard them do so as they are walking away from us after Sd's functions for school, at the school she has caused major scenes, and we heard her going off on SD after two of DH's phone calls about what a worthless piece of crap DH is because SD forgot to hang up the phone. Anyway, we are fed up. DH has decided to tell Sd that when she is ready to see him she can call and to tell BM to take her CS and leave us the hell alone. Do we need to file something with the court revising our parenting plan to represent the fact that we are not having SD here? Will the court let us file something like that or can they force visitation? All we want to do is cover our ass and protect our family from the psycho BM. TIA for any responses.

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