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From: StepMom of One
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Date: 12 Mar 2005
Time: 12:45:55
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My husband established parternity in March of 2003. The BM and DH have never had an order for visitation, custody or child support. DH has been asking BM to agree to Joint Legal Custody for a while. She has always been very clear that she is not willing to agree! Step-daughter is 3 1/2 and DH asked for a week of summer visitation this year and also brought up custody again. BM said NO to summer visitation and joint legal custody. So, DH got fed up w/ her and filed a complaint. In NC, all custody and visitation is set for mandatory meditation before you go to trial. All the complaint said was that BM and he were working together to formulate a mutual agreement and in the even they could not, he wanted the judge to grant Joint Legal Custody and set a visitation schedule w/ summer visitation. BM was served w/ the complaint and a week later DH was served w/ her answer and counterclaim. BM is asking that DH CS be garnished from his wages (Not a big deal), she already gets CS every Friday via electronic funds transfer between our cheking account and hers. She is also asking for back child support retro from the time DH first made a CS payment to the child's birth. I have heard different things, some say they will only go back to the date of filing, which if that's the case, she just filed for CS on Feb. 17, 2005. The child was born in Nov of 2001 and DH has been paying on his own (according to our state guidelines) since the parternity results came back. Help! Also, what are the chances that DH will get joint legal? Will get some type of summer visitation? We live 15 miles from SD and she will only let DH see his daughter every other weekend. Oh by the way, in her counterclaim she is asking that DH visitation be reduced b/c she "claims" SD is acting out when she returns from our house. Funny how she has been on an overnight visitation schedule for six months and now she is "acting out". Help!

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