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Re: What EXACTLY does child support cover & not cover

From: Tammy
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Date: 13 Aug 2004
Time: 12:47:03
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Just my thoughts and comments, when I first met my husband, the ex wife was alwasy making lists for him to pay for school stuff, school field trips etc. I mean it was getting to be a big joke since she would ask for $5 dollars. Keep in mind we pay 1200 a month for 2 children. I finally put my foot down and he called the child support office and he wrote her a letter telling her to stop with the list of bills every single week, those thinks were covered. She has been a lot better, but once in a while she will get caught trying to get a doctor bill or something else twice. But I keep good records and just get the proof. I am all for supporting the kids, but it just gets pathetic. Myself on the other hand get 400 a month and It just isn't worth it to me to ask for a 5 dollar co pay or something stupid like that. I mean come on. With my husband ex we also I might add pay for insurance, pay 100 a month in prescriptions and therapy sessions for his kids. She has had the one son on 10 different ADHD medications in the last 3 years. It is just gets old. Thank god we have 1 more year to go on the oldest and 4 on the youngest. We are having a party!! OK sorry I am getting windy!! It is amazing everyone has such a different story. Men really do get screwed!!

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